Who Are We ?

The Company

Terrasaltas is situated at Oliveira de Frades, in the heart of Lafões region. Land greenish landscapes kept between the Caramulo, Montemuro, Freita and Arada mountains, refreshed for waters of the Vouga river , where among great forest spots where the brave pine predominates, the oak and the chestnut tree, vines and orchards that they characterize our region. In the words of José Saramago, “… everything in these stoppings is greatness”…

The Region

Lafões is a Portuguese wine region,near Viséu , overlapping into the Dão and Vinho Verde DOCs. The region has the second tier Indicação de Proveniencia Regulamentada (IPR) classification and may some day be promoted to Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC). The region is known for its acidic, light bodied, red and white wines. (from wikipedia.org)

The vinegars proceeding from these wines are of excellent quality and some of the greatest in Portugal.